SwissManager 1.7 Pro Full-برنامه‌آی همه‌کاره

30 08 2008


Major features:
# Task manager, file navigator, system information in one application
# Management of running programs (task information, task switch, task exit)
# Release memory by exiting all running programs at once
# File management (navigation, sorting, copy, move, delete, rename, send)
# Useful system information (device characteristics, system uptime, etc.)
# Status icon displaying time, free memory, and CPU usage
# Floating menu for accessing major services any time
# Full functionality in flip closed mode

NEW in version 1.70:
# Support for invoking functions from other applications (e. g. memory cleanup from within GDesk).
# Application setup command to configure applications not currently running.
# New options for instant display of Favorites.

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