Worm 2008

15 04 2008

این هم بازی محبوبWorm 2008
در دو رزولوشن 220*176 , 240*320

In Worms 2008 there’s a variety of visually stunning scenes to play out your space age worm battles! – A whole range of new game modes including quick matches, campaigns and standalone challenges and scenarios. This time there’s also a roster of minigames providing the new dimension of wackiness to Worms gaming.

New recruits, and fans of the original won’t be disappointed!

Features :

The exploration of space by intrepid Worms teams, and the subsequent (explosive) reaction of the races they encounter.
Traditional Worms Gameplay, 5 game modes plus a huge amount of rewarding features and breathtaking visual effects
Campaign/Story Mode consisting of 12 hilarious chapters, starting from Ambus and finally ending with the “Return to Earth”
Challenge Mode which is almost a game in a game giving the player a series of events to participate in
Mini-Games – a roster of standalone superfun minigames like Worms Missile Command, Worms Asteroids, Crate Grab, Worms Invaders and Grenade Tennis!
Team Customisation feature with multiple Worm themes including Worminators, Alien Worms, Astroworms etc.
New armoury which has a wider variety than ever on mobile – with over 20 items to choose from including old favourites such as the Banana Bomb and new ones with a sci-fi twist like Ronald´s Raygun!




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